Why new construction sales?

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#1 The big secret about New Construction – a massive unmet need

With home valuations increasing in the retail market due to inflation and market demands, new construction sales represent the most attractive homes in the industry.

80% of your buyers want to tour new construction homes. The aesthetic qualities combined with energy efficiency features found in new home systems in new construction are unparalleled.

Your customers are well educated – they understand the energy efficiency envelope which includes new appliances and HVAC systems. The aesthetic qualities of new kitchens and bathrooms with modern flooring offer great value for the money. New construction offers higher value to your buyers than the resell market. 


of all home buyers will tour new builds

#2 Demand is high

Population growth continues to rise locally and nationally, as does the demand for new construction homes. Market expansion always requires new construction.

After 2008, 60%-70% of the market during the crash resulted in a large number of distressed home sales. At that time, new construction represented 30% of all new new construction. Since that time, new construction sales has grown to over 35% of all new homes. 

Brokers have not been trained by their predecessors on the methods of new construction, nor has the value proposition been communicated.

Homeowners want new homes. Seniors want to retire in new home communities. City growth requires new homes to be built. PBG gives you the inside track on all of the data that surrounds these top issues. 


of all sales are new builds

#3 Developers NEED brokers

National builders have no idea what is happening in the local community, which is why they need sales people to properly present them in the community at all levels.

6 out of 10 builders in Clark County are national builders. 

Developers and builders are spending money to find new customers. Much of the new construction inventory is pre-sold, but there is inventory that is available for you to sell, and PBG knows where these properties are located.


of all builders locally are national builders

#4 Competition is only growing more fierce

Realtors continue to enter the real estate sales market while retail inventory continues to diminish. If you are not offering new construction sales opportunities to your buyers, you are leaving money on the table and your buyer may buy directly from the builder. This is not sustainable for real estate brokerages. 

The PBG Team will connect you with the decision makers your need to meet. We know what it takes to grow your new construction sales pipeline. PBG Data Resources will give you jump on new construction inventory which will expedite your sales and can prevent your buyer from going directly to the builder. 


growth or realtors nationally between '21-'22

#5 It’s the perfect time

Population growth continues to increase and new construction sales are growing. Now you have an expert at your fingertips through PBGround to help you build your sales pipeline and make the most important connections. We know every aspect of new construction industry, including all the players. 

While there are only a few New Construction Sales programs on the market today, no other company, nor its leaders, possess the expertise of Powered by Ground. Plus, we make connections with other builders too, and are ready to connect you!


new construction sales programs nationwide

#6 Become the trusted expert

Without new construction sales, market share will continue to diminish for brokers due to high competition competing for reduced inventory. Top producing brokers must integrate new construction services to compound existing or diminished sales. 

The top real estate brokerages in the market offer new construction sales in their services offerings. Are you ready to grow your business to a new level and become a market leader? We are leading the charge on new construction sales and look forward ot meeting you. 




of top sales people own 90% of market share

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