meet david

David Korniyenko is the driving force and mastermind behind Powered By Ground. He grew up in the construction industry and has over two decades of experience to share….

Knowledge is power

David is a life-long learner who is committed to growth in real estate sales in every market condition. He recognizes the gap in available knowledge on how to build a flourishing real estate practice with new construction sales. He also acknowledges brokerages haven’t made the transition into new construction sales quickly enough, leaving money on the table every day. His aim is to support the industry with the critical knowledge needed to help real estate brokerages remain financially viable and grow.

From the inside out…

David operates a growing real estate development company, NW Home Builder Group, in Clark and Cowlitz Counties in Washington State. He has developed over $200 million in home sales with more homes in development every day. He’s also a successful real estate broker for DK Homes, and an investor. He works on all sides of the market. Now he is sharing his knowledge with the industry to support brokerages everywhere. 

A New Construction Start

David began working in construction fresh out of high school for his Dad’s Clark County, Washington, Framing Company. He learned how to frame homes and swing a hammer in every weather condition: even when the compressor would freeze over and stop, and he was soaked to the bone from head to toe by 10 am in the morning. He also worked hand in hand with builders, gleaning construction knowledge. This is why at age 18, he created a vision for this future and turned his attention to real estate sales. 

In 2005, he secured his real estate license. He didn’t know anything about prospecting, so he drove around town calling every phone number on every real estate sign he could find – brokers, developers, the county, a bank. It didn’t matter who published the sign, he would call. That’s how his journey into sales began. Once he began calling on community developers, he then realized his elevated his dream further and decided he was going to put his name on real estate signs and build new communities. Now, David is not only developing new communities, he’s also servicing small and large builders too. 

He claims he didn’t know what he was doing back then, and still doesn’t, but deals always come together. Herein lies the wisdom in his success – You don’t have to know everything, but you have to take action on what you know. He encourages others to be curious and grow their knowledge of the real estate industry. 

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