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Learn everything you need to know about New Construction Sales. Our step-by-step sales training program is tailored to your unique sales style.

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It begins with one-to-one mentoring

Before we can achieve new construction sales, we will work with you to identify new sales goals. Not sure what to expect from new construction sales? We can help. From there we can write a customized sales plan and work together to achieve your dreams. Every individual has a story, and we want hear yours. You will receive all the support you need to help execute on your new constructions sales plan. Plus we will also help you train your team so everyone is focused on the same goals. We will be right beside you through your new constructions sales journey, and any challenge you may face. 

The foundation of growth is education

Now you can access over two decades of knowledge in new construction sales through our weekly sales training classes. We will offer 3-4 months of classes during fall and winter, and cover every topic in new construction sales from prospecting and lead generation, to how we used data. You’ll discover what builders need from you, and why. You will receive step-by-step instruction on how to structure your communication with key players you’ll want to talk to, and why this is critical to your success. Learn every facet of a new construction transaction and become the priority to the building community. Learn how to shift your mindset, and see the value of new construction with a fresh perspective. 

Research, data, and identifying opportunities

Did you know there are about 300 data points registered and analyzed on every person for predictions regarding their relationship to real estate buying, selling and owning? You also need data for new construction sales and Powered By Ground has done all the work for you. This is the data that we use every day, and we are ready to share it with you. When you become a coaching client, you will receive exclusive access to Slack, where you will find the critical data you need to take action now. Access contact databases with all the new communities so you can present new sales opportunities to your buyers and sellers. Expedite prospecting with our comprehensive contact database of building industry experts with whom you will call on. Get the facts on market trends and gain new confidence with your new sales pipeline. 

Learn how to reach out and make new connections

We don’t just coach and provide instruction, we will introduce you to key players and attend meet-and-greets to make solid connections. We can provide guidance in the meeting to ensure the communication is productive and successful for all parties involved.  Plus, we understand the key players in the market. While we don’t work with every builder, 

Course structure

How to build a new pipeline from the ground up

……..Gain fast-to-market strategies and quickly grow your sales pipeline with our comprehensive sales training and coaching program. Here are the top benefits and some of the features of our custom training and coaching program:

 One-On-One New Construction Sales Coaching

Become a New Construction Sales Leader
  • We will craft the most effective communication strategies to demonstrate your value and build new partnerships based on your story and communication style.
  • Working together, you will gain tremendous confidence by changing your mindset and applying our decades of knowledge right away. You don’t have to wait to make sales.
  • We will build a custom pipeline so you can grow from one (1) new construction transaction per month to twenty (20) transactions per month.
  • Coaching and advising based on your unique story and style.
  • Goal setting and sales planning for new construction sales.
  • We will work with you to grow your team’s knowledge, set new expectations for your staff and provide them with the knowledge they need to succeed with you.
  • Support from your coach to assist with making solid connections.
  • Customized communication scripts to help you close deals with anybody in new construction.

New Construction Sales Weekly Training Classes

Become a New Construction Expert 
  • A fact-based overview of the local and national market, including market trends.
  • Understand how to navigate the new construction market.
  • Learn how to make new connections in the building community.
  • Learn about who’s who in the construction sector, and top considerations when choosing your building partners.
  • Gain all the knowledge you will need to work with builders, developers, engineers, and even other brokers in your area of influence.

Data Tools for New Construction Sales

Expedite Your Sales Goals  
  • Ongoing access to off-market properties for sale.
  • One lot search abilities.
  • Subdivision search abilities.
  • Custom lead sources developed inhouse.
  • Get all the contact data you need to create a prospect list with partners who are aligned with your values.

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