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Everything you need to access untapped markets, build relationships & transform your business. The PBG program is much more than ‘just coaching’, it’s a whole new way to sell homes.

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The #1 New Construction Sales Training Program

 is the most comprehensive New Construction Sales Education Program available on the market today. Through our exclusive coaching program and data-driven insights, you will receive all the tools needed to effectively build new revenue streams for you and your team.

New construction sales represent the fastest growing sector in real estate for Real Estate Brokers nationwide. New construction sales opportunities are now surpassing the retail market.

Get ahead of the curve, and your competition, with our tailored coaching program. We don’t just grow with you, we help you grow your team too.

The resell market continues to decline…

…while competition grows and the sector becomes over-saturated leaving many realtors struggling.   

Become the market leader in your area for new construction with a comprehensive program unlike any other.

The keys to success


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Meet your secret weapon to breaking new ground

Construction and sales are in David Korniyenko’s blood. He followed his father into the construction industry. With more than two generations of experience and over $200 million worth of properties built and sold, he’s has created a program which shares his expertise and tried and tested techniques to success…

Every market is different

Why cookie cutter doesn’t work

Each area and market is different, with its own factors and challenges. While you could make some progress with generalized information the Powered by Ground program starts with our 1-on-1’s and a core assessment, followed by a tailored plan specific to your sales style and financial goals. Then you will have access to our knowledge center and training classes. This effort, together, will maximize your success.

Unlock a whole new revenue stream

Residential new construction transactions are critical to the financial viability of every real estate brokerage.

Competition for residential resale properties continues to grow which means fewer real estate transactions for you. The challenge for available inventory is compounded by the higher-than-average interest rates, so fewer deals will be made. As a result, many real estate brokers and their teams are suffering financial attrition and loss. PBG puts more money in your pockets. 


of brokers are leaving money on the table every day


of all transactions are from new construction


of all buyers will tour a new construction home

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There is a void in new construction sales. Become the go-to broker in your area.

Get in front of the right people with the right tools

National Builders account for a large percentage of the local building population, they need to move inventory. Most of the inventory that is being built is already pre-sold. You can’t afford to miss out on securing some of these deals.

Powered by Ground will teach residential real estate business owners how to build relationships with local and national builders, establish credibility and authority, and gain the required confidence needed to grow a new construction sales funnel.

New construction transactions are critical to the viability of every real estate practice.

Powered by Ground’s new New Construction Training Program will place you in front of builders with the support you need to grow your new construction business.

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